Is this you? “I Forgot My Phone” portrays the way smartphones have disrupted socializing

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Are you the only at the dinner table with your phone out, checking Twitter or Facebook, and being emotionally absent from the people around you?I Forgot My Phone is a new video going viral that succinctly portrays the various ways in which people overuse their smartphones, relegating their in-person interactions with others to background noise. It’s […]


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Comme des Garcons BLACK x Nike Blazer Low

Nike collaborations run the gamut; the high-end fashion house BLACK COMME des GARCONS. The result is a rather covert-looking Nike Blazer Low, which is fitting with the signature colorway of the Japanese brand and the way that it has released, which included no previous announcement from either brand. The look relies only on branding to break up the otherwise pitch […]

Best Break Dance of 2013 yet

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2 Korean posts back to back? Has EverybodyKnows been hacked? An amazing dance routine by the B-boys of the Morning of Owl crew as they bring down the house at Korea’s R16 breakdance competition with some moves we’ve never seen before. Watch the full battle here.   Tweet

Now I Know: The Book

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The newest addition to our book library (thats 5 books so far) comes from Dan Lewis’ email newsletter Now I Know provides interesting trivia from a variety of topics, from why alcohol makes wounds burn to the horse jockey who won a race after he died. His book has 100 stories, half of which are new. Buy it now for $11 Tweet

Nivea Brazil: Smartest Print Ad In The World

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Nivea Brazil: Smartest Print Ad In The World

Nivea Brazil ran the smartest print ad in the world: the solar ad charger. The ad that juices your iPhone. Helping, not hyping. That’s what Nivea Brazil is doing with this clever print ad. Advertising can certainly add pieces of meaningfulness to peoples’ lives! What will be next in print ads? 3D printers to print your food […]

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